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Estate Agency Software

The BaySoft ASP.NET system is just the high-powered, affordable tool
you've been looking for to help your agency excel.

Estate Agent Software
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Scenarios & Solutions For Your Business

Whether you are a new start-up single office business or an established chain of offices, you can use the BaySoft system.

The system is scaleable to allow you to use the system at it's most basic level or you can initialise all, or a permutation of, the available modules within your group of offices.



I have a small single office. We're not that computer literate therefore we only want to use the computer to maintain our website. You can use our Property Lite solution which will facilitate very basic maintenance of your property records and manage your online properties for you.
I have 3 offices in 3 different areas.
I want to use our office as the head office for administration and main data entry but I want the 2 shuttle offices to be able to view, print and update the system too.
We'll set up the first 2 offices as "shop fronts". Office 3 will then become the admin branch against which all property data will be managed.
I have 30 offices. Communication is poor between each branch and I need to improve it. I would also like to be able to maintain a central pool of resources such as logo's, corporate images, newsletters, photographs and documents and allow all the system users to have access to this resource- What solution can you provide us with?. You should be using our company Intranet module which will facilitate everything you need and more.

See our RE/MAX case study example
I operate a franchise business. I have over 400 offices. Can you provide my offices with a system that can be branded to look and feel as though it's been custom designed for this and can I use your Intranet tool to provide my offices with a tiered level of communication that also allows (franchise) office owners a degree of control over the Intranet content. Our Intranet management tool facilitates both Group and Office manager / owner level access.

The system can be "themed" to adopt your logos and corporate colour schemes to personalise the appearance of the system to suit your business.
I have just completed my first 2 years in business. I plan to open another 6 offices in the next 2 years. At present I only deal with residential properties - How does your software cope with my expansion plans? You get the Sales, Lettings, Commercials and Overseas record forms (screens) as standard in the basic Marketing system.

We can hide or display access to any of these forms on a per branch basis so it’s up to you whether your staff get access to these extra forms or not.

You can also add/activate the Lettings Ledgers module at any point if you want to.

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BaySoft supply one of the best packages in the UK for agents. The BaySoft solution for estate, commercial and letting agents is feature rich and available at a great price, creating genuine value for money. BaySoft supply excellent quality residential agent software at very competitive rates. The BaySoft estate agent system will help your estate agency succeed. Property marketing could not be easier than with the BaySoft estate agent system. The BaySoft ASP system for estate agents is comparable in features with many of the offerings from big names such as Vebra, Encore, GMW, Estatecraft, Thesaurus, Dezrez, Craft, Encore Live, LetMC, Housescape and many others. The package also includes commercial estate agency software. The BaySoft system boasts integrated residential sales property, commercial property, letting property and overseas property modules. BaySoft also design and deliver premium quality, high functionality estate agent websites. BaySoft upload to RightMove, PropertyFinder, Fish4Homes, Look4Aproperty, Think Property, Nestoria, UK Property Search, Northcliffe, Find A Property, One Move, Houses For Sale In,, and Property Today, just to name a few. Our top quality portal feed partner, BayView systems, supports all the best portals. The BaySoft system for estate agents will beat the competition on price and features every time. The BaySoft Software for estate agents is amongst the best in the UK.

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