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Estate Agency Software

The BaySoft ASP.NET system is just the high-powered, affordable tool
you've been looking for to help your agency excel.

Estate Agent Software
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The BaySoft Smartphone / Mobile App For Estate Agents

At BaySoft we're always keen to embrace the latest technology. Many of us have enjoyed the I-Phone for a while now, but recently smart phones have suddenly become affordable, with the HTC Wildfire & Desire, and the Samsung Galaxy series coming onto the market.

We know that some of your data would be really hand to you on the move, so we've developed a smart-phone app to compliment our software. We are very likely to add to this in the future. Have a look at some of the features.

Designed To Be Useable

We're sure it hasn't escaped your attention that it's often quite difficult to tap the right area of the screen when using a Smartphone - so we've tried to design each screen to be tap-friendly, with large, easy targets.

Data entry can also be difficult on these devices, with the on-screen keyboards often being too small. For this reason, we provide the option to remain logged in for 14 days, meaning that if you use the app at least once every 14 days you should never need to log in!

Functionality to-date offers read-only access to your office diary and contacts. There is also a property search facilitated, and a smart-paragraph builder so that you can quickly create your property particulars at the vendors' premises.

Access To Your Office Diary

The day-do-day running of your agency is likely to centre around your office diary. You need to know who should be where, and when. It's also useful to know the addresses and contact details of each appointment.

Our simple-to use diary screen provides quick and easy access to each person's diary (defaulting to your own), and all relevant contact and address details. You can look ahead by simply clicking the day that you are interested in.

Access To Your Contacts

Being able to find a contact and get at their details whilst out-and-about is really important. This useful screen will allow you to look-up the contact details of any person in your contactsregister. This includes applicants, vendors, solicitors, sales boards people and any other contact.

The search is facilitated by simple text entry, and returns a list of names and contact numbers in the grid. There is also a tick to indicate whether the contact is a vendor and / or applicant.

Viewing Contact Details

Tapping a contact in the grid will open their full details for you at the top of the screen.

Details include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address (tap to use!)
  • Home, day and mobile telephone numbers (tap to use!)
  • Fax number
  • Last Contact Date

Tapping anywhere in the details box (other than on a tap-to-use item) will close it.

Search Your Properties On The Move

We know that the good estate agent is always keen, and never misses and opportunity to sell!

For this reason, we've included a property search with our mobile app. You can search by:

  • Part of address
  • Property type (Sales, Lettings, Overseas or Commercial)
  • Maximum price
  • Minimum number of beds

Leaving an item blank will cause it to be ignored in the search. Tapping the button will bring up your results.

Property Search Results

The property search results come up in a text grid. We don't include images because they will slow down the app, and push up your data bill.

Useful information such as reference, full address, number of bedrooms and price are shown in the grid.

To view a full schedule of property details, simply tap on a property in the grid.

Property Details

The property details are designed in such a fashion as to be able to show them to an interested party, without overwhelming them with information.

A generous image of the property is included, followed by the price, number of bedrooms, bullet points and main description.

Property Details Continued ...

The full room details of the property are then listed - including title, measurement and description.

Hopefully, this neatly presented property record will be enough to entice a viewing!

If you are visiting a vendor's property to create their particulars, then there is a "Build Paragraphs" button offered at the end of the schedule. This will take you to our fast and powerful paragraph building tool.

Build Your Property Particulars Quickly And Easily On-Premises!

Our powerful paragraph builder lets you create your property paragraphs whilst at the vendor's premises. This smart tool offers you choices based on your own data, automatically tailoring itself to your style.

You can pick rooms to add from a list created from your previous property data. Simply tap on a room to add it to the list, or use the insert a room feature.

Rooms can be moved up or down in order, and can be removed is needs be.

Tapping "Edit" will open the room for text entry.

Fast, Simple & Accurate Details

You may enter free text into the room details - however, the fastest way to build the specifics of the room is to use our tap-and-insert list. This clever list is build from your own property data - based on how you have described this room in the past.

Simply scroll down the list and tap each item that is relevant. It will be added to your room description in a manner that is acceptable under the property misdescriptions act. As you add an item, it will turn green in the list, so that you can see what you've already added, and don't double up.

Click on "Save" to save your changes.

Now Featuring Letting Accounts & Tenancies
Accessing the mobile lettings module

New Lettings Accounts & Tenancies Details

The BaySoft Mobile App just became a lot more powerful. It now includes a whole module dedicated to Tenancies & Letting Accounts details.

These powerful new screens are simple to access from the main menu by simply tapping the "Lettings" button.

Accessing the mobile lettings module

Search Your Tenancies

Searching for a tenancy couldn't be simpler. You can search by:

  • Tenant's name
  • Landlord's name
  • Tenancy reference number
  • Property address

The search results will display a list of matching tenancies.

Accessing the mobile lettings module

Important Details At-A-Glance

The important details are all listed, the address, the current tenancy balance, the Tenant and the Landlord.

Clicking the "Contact" link next to the tenant or landlord will show their various contact details - and you can simply tap-to-dial or tap-to-email on your smart-phone.

Clicking "GO" in the last column of the results grid will send you through to the full tenancy details screen.

Accessing the mobile lettings module

Tenancy Overview Screen

The tenancy overview screen will list the following details:

  • Property address
  • Tenant
  • Landlord
  • Tenancy Type (Managed / Standard)
  • Tenancy Kind (Assured Short-hold Tenancy etc.)
  • Start & End Dates
  • Usual Rent Amount
  • Payable (Weekly, Monthly, 4 Weekly etc.)
  • Bond Balance
  • Tenancy Balance

You can see a full view of the LANDLORD or TENANT accounts ledgers by selecting "View Ledgers"

Accessing the mobile lettings module

Ledger Details

Selecting "Landlord" or "Tenant" will show you the detailed financial transactions relating to the Landlord or Tenant.

A current and unambiguous CLEARED and UN-CLEARED balance is displayed at the top.

The date, amount and reference of recent transactions is then displayed below in a grid.

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