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Estate Agency Software

The BaySoft ASP.NET system is just the high-powered, affordable tool
you've been looking for to help your agency excel.

Estate Agent Software
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Productivity Tools Suite

The BaySoft Estate Agency Software Package boasts one of the largest and most useful productivity tool suites on the market. These tools are included in the price and are listed and summarised here. If you want to see them in action then we recommend that you arrange a demo.

Productivity Tools Overview

Search Tools

Finding contacts and properties quickly and easily is critical to your day - we've made these tasks simple with dedicated search screens for:

  • Properties
  • Applicants
  • Jobs (Work In Progress)
  • Contacts

The software is designed to help prevent the creation of duplicate contact records. The same contact can be, for example, both an applicant and a vendor. The information is all neatly managed in the same place.

Filter & List Tools

What's the point of having data if you can't mine it and make it useful to you? Our software facilitates the filtering, sorting and exporting of your data.

  • List properties
  • List jobs (work in progress)
  • List applicants
  • List vendors
  • List contacts
  • List sales - fast access to sales progressions
  • Multi listings - share your properties with select branches

Each one of these screens is powerful in it's own way. For example, the List Properties screen is suitable for sitting with a prospective buyer and searching & filtering. Properties can be browsed in an attractive browse-sheet format or printed. The software will remember your last search even when you move between screens.

The list applicants screen supports a powerful reverse matching feature, allowing you to check if you have any "hot" applicants for a prospective vendor. The contacts list facilitates export amd bulk-email and SMS (text messaging) marketing.

Diary, Task Lists & Reminders

The software features a global office diary, as well as individual staff-member diaries. The intelligent diary system prevents double-booking by tracking the availability of each property, agent and applicant. Both vendor and applicant confirmations are clearly indicated for each viewing.

Diaries can be printed in day, week or month formats - great for planning, and when you are on the move.

Task or to-do lists are a great way of keeping on top of a busy schedule. Staff members can set their own tasks, or create tasks for others. Each task can be given a deadline, and have any associated contact attached to it. More detail...

The system "homepage" lists today's overdue tasks and reminders, as well as any items requiring follow-up.


We understand that good communication is critical to running your agency. To assist with this, we have included a built-in message / mail system which allows users to send messages to each other. There are also dedicated panels that display both Agency Owner and Branch Manager messages. These can be used for motivational purposes, or to communicate important messages or targets and goals.

Communication with any of your system contacts is also facilitated, with facilities for single and bulk Email and SMS. Our contact log will enable you to record any important inbound and outbound correspondence with each contact.

Contacts, Applicants & Matching

The system adopts a 'single contact record' approach to ensure that the incidence of duplicated contact records can be eliminated. For example, a contact can be both an applicant and a vendor. The contact card will show tabs to capture the specifics of both. The address and contact information will be shared.

Our Applicant Management system is second to none. Unlike all other systems on the market it allows you to create unlimited multiple matching profiles that can run concurrently and independently of each other within the system matching routine.

Other features
  • Auction manager (more detail)
  • Sundry invoicing - raise property related invoices
  • Website content management
  • Branch overview screen
  • Movement log - agency activity between 2 dates
Comprehensive reporting

Property Reports

  • Viewing and viewer's comments
  • Properties with less than X viewings
  • Keys Held
  • Viewings and offers
  • Empty properties
  • Sale board status
  • Property register
  • Listings in period
  • Marketing report
  • Property status report
  • Archive report
  • Full details report
  • Property status summary report
  • Completions report
  • Property certificates report
  • Property inspections due report
  • Property inspections history report
  • Pending offers report

Vendor Reports

  • No vendor contact since given date

Applicant Reports

  • No viewings since given date
  • Applicants viewings report
  • No applicant contact since given date
  • Full applicant detail report
  • Applicants with property to sell - details of
  • Listed between dates
  • Applicants archive
  • Applicant summary report

Valuation Reports

  • Valuation appointments made between dates
  • Job activity report
  • Valuation follow-ups

Matching Reports

  • Single property against all applicants
  • Match all properties to all applicants
  • Properties previously matched to an applicant
  • Applicants previously matched to a property

Performance & General Reports

  • Office Pipeline report
  • Negotiator Pipeline report
  • Portals report
  • Summary performance

Letting Reports

  • Tenancies Expiring
  • Letting Property Register
  • Landlords Register
Everything You Need
  • Search for properties and contacts
  • List & filter properties and contacts
  • Diary & task manager
  • Office Rota
  • Property matching
  • Property marketing
  • Job book for appraisals & WIP
  • Applicant reviews
  • Property reviews
  • Progression reviews
  • Branch activity log
  • Applicant reviews
  • Fee / commission invoicing
  • Over 40 reports
  • Security & correspondence logging
  • Salesboard management
  • Bulk image upload tool
  • Slideshow - show off your properties
  • Auctions manager with catalogue
  • Integrated conveyancing
  • Referrals management
  • Reminders & tasks
  • Secure inter-branch messaging
  • Fee / commission invoicing
  • Branch or group messages
  • SMS facilities

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