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Estate Agency Software

The BaySoft ASP.NET system is just the high-powered, affordable tool
you've been looking for to help your agency excel.

Estate Agent Software
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System Overview - What's in the box?

Our system delivers access to the property record forms in modular format. Unlike other systems that simply bolt a few extra fields onto their residential sales form to accommodate lettings, commercial and overseas properties, we have done it properly.

You will receive the following fully-featured property marketing modules as standard and at no extra cost.

  • Job Book (Work In Progress Controller)
  • Residential Sales
  • Lettings Property
  • Commercial Property
  • Overseas Property

Of course, if you only want some of these property types, then we can hide the rest for you.

This is great for agents that may be operating a broad spectrum of services because we provide the flexibility to manage all required property types from within one system.

In addition to these 'modules' you can also benefit from using our unique intranet module which acts as a communications hub in the event that you operate multiple branches.

Also included as standard is one of the largest and most comprehensive suites of productivity tools to be found in any estate agency software package.

Finally we offer (as an additional chargeable module) a brilliant lettings accounting module which we refer to as the 'Lettings Ledgers' system.
When we set you up with a live system, we customise the 'header area' for you so that it always looks branded to your business. See an example

With each property record you can...

  • Enter your property data
    Regardless of which property record you choose to create: Residential Sales, Letting, Commercial or Overseas, you will benefit from the following features:

  • Upload images
    Maintain an image catalogue for each property. Use our bulk image upload tool to expediate this process. Up to 4 images are permitted for Window Cards or the 1st page of your sales particulars. An unlimited number of images are allowed within your paragraph text.

  • Add other media to your property
    Floorplan images, pdf sales particulars, virtual tours, maps and EPCs can all be uploaded to enrich your property particulars. Many of these items can be printed or displayed on your website.

  • Create room-by-room paragraph detail
    Write a classy set of particulars including paragraph-by-paragraph titles, measurements and images. This feature benefits from the following tools: Standard paragraph library, spell-checker, metric measurement converter and virtual tour attachament.

  • Manage your marketing
    Control which portals your properties are published to and which newspapers they can appear in. Create special condensed "SMS" marketing text. With over 20 portals supported we can create great exposure for your properties.

  • Auto-match - try a match just on this property.
    Four different permutations of property matching are facilitated by our system.
    - Match a single property to all applicants
    - Match an applicant to all properties
    - Match all applicants to all properties
    - Do a custom bespoke match – for prospective vendors - not necessarily registered with you yet.

  • Arrange & update viewings
    Arrange viewings, with all of the contact details and diary information needed ar your fingertips.

  • Record and manage offers
    Record offers made on this property, and send out all pertinent correspondence. Record whether the offer is accepted or rejected, and mark it as the "active" offer for this property.

  • Manage the sales progression
    As the buyer and seller's solicitors inform you of progress, record it in the system. Impress your Vendor by keeping them up to date.

  • Management the movement of keys
    Record all activity relating to the keys to the property. Who took them, when, why and when they were returned.

  • Archive your property
    Once a property has been sold, let or withdrawn, send it to the archive - but not before recording a reason.

  • Correspond with the vendor
    Mail-merge a welcome-pack, sales particulars approval letter, sales contract, or any other type of letter into MS Word quickly and easily using the mail-merge facility.

  • Print window-cards and brochures
    Instantly produce standard, high-quality PDF print output to create your window cards or sales particulars. All tailored to your agency and branding.

  • Manage the salesboard
    Control the placement, updating and removal of salesboards using our salesboards management feature. The integrated email system cuts the admin down to a minimum.

  • Record secure notepad items
    Sometimes it's essential to record a note, and know that it's date-stamped and cannot be changed (other than by the system Admin). They can also be flagged to appear each time the property is viewed by your staff.

  • View the property activity log
    The activity log shows you at-a-glance every activity that has taken place on the property - including price-changes, offers and rejections, new listings, etc.

In addition ... for letting properties you can ...

  • Manage the property inventory
    Catalogue the contents and condition of your letting properties, room-by-room and with photographs.

  • Record all property management / maintenance
    Record all maintenance jobs against this property and keep track of them. The invoicing aspect seamlessly integrates with the "Letting Ledgers" module.

What else can it do?

  • Manage your tenancies and let properties (Letting Ledgers module users only)
  • Send SMS alerts, email browse sheets and particulars
  • We have also created an excellent Holiday Lets Module which links with your website, and allows you to price holiday lets, display availabilty and take bookings.

Take a look at the module features in detail..

Residential Sales | Residential Lettings | Commercial Property | Overseas Properties
Letting Ledgers | Productivity Suite | Intranet Module
Vendor Selling Tip: One way to improve a property for a quick sale is to ask the vendor to look at Bespoke Fitted Kitchens and consider installing one, especially if the existing kitchen is looking tired.
Screen Shots
Residential Sales

Let Properties

Commercial Property

Overseas Property


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BaySoft supply one of the best packages in the UK for agents. The BaySoft solution for estate, commercial and letting agents is feature rich and available at a great price, creating genuine value for money. BaySoft supply excellent quality residential agent software at very competitive rates. The BaySoft estate agent system will help your estate agency succeed. Property marketing could not be easier than with the BaySoft estate agent system. The BaySoft ASP system for estate agents is comparable in features with many of the offerings from big names such as Vebra, Encore, GMW, Estatecraft, Thesaurus, Dezrez, Craft, Encore Live, LetMC, Housescape and many others. The package also includes commercial estate agency software. The BaySoft system boasts integrated residential sales property, commercial property, letting property and overseas property modules. BaySoft also design and deliver premium quality, high functionality estate agent websites. BaySoft upload to RightMove, PropertyFinder, Fish4Homes, Look4Aproperty, Think Property, Nestoria, UK Property Search, Northcliffe, Find A Property, One Move, Houses For Sale In,, and Property Today, just to name a few. Our top quality portal feed partner, BayView systems, supports all the best portals. The BaySoft system for estate agents will beat the competition on price and features every time. The BaySoft Software for estate agents is amongst the best in the UK.

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